What to find on this Website

Project Perfect provides free project management information to Project Managers. We have Project Management White Papers, a step-by-step process for the selection of software, dozens of project management templates and also some useful software tips for using Microsoft Access. All free.

Over 150 white papers on Project Management
A complete process for selecting software. Includes step-by-step instructions, templates and reference material.
A range of project management templates for every situation.
User guides that cover all major project management process from risk management to project review.
Checklists to help you through each stage of the project.
Tips and VBA code for Microsoft Access.

How did this site evolve

We started in the early 2000s selling project management software and continued for almost twenty years. During that time we built up a mountain of white papers which are used by universities and project management training organisations around the world. When we stopped selling software, there was a plea to keep the white papers online. We decided that rather than closing down the site completely, we would operate it as a free resource to both students and practitioners of project management.

Please tolerate the ads. We run Google ads as it pays for part of the web hosting and costs of keeping the site operating. You can be assured the site operates at a loss, not a profit. Every time someone clicks on an ad, the loss decreases. Feel free to click….