About us

Project Perfect operated for over 30 years providing project support services and consulting to organisations within Australia. We developed software called Project Administrator which was sold in over 50 countries. Over that period we accumulated a mass of information about project management and put it on our site, many universities and learning institutions use that material as part of their curriculum.

Although the company is no longer operating, we decided to leave all our intellectual property on the Internet for use by Project Managers and those learning about project management. In addition, we provide tools such as our software selection process which we developed and sold to those involved in making corporate software purchases. It fits everything from ERP systems to small accounting packages.

All the material is provided free of charge. That includes free project management templates, white papers, user guides for normal project management activities such as risk and scope management, and software. There are a collection of checklists and forms.

We run Google ads to cover some of the costs involved in web hosting. It does not cover costs, but every time someone clicks on an ad, our loss decreased. If you feel the urge to click an ad, please help…

Project Perfect can be contacted at webmaster@projectperfect.com.au